Incident Investigation

The primary objective of an incident investigation is to be able to prevent subsequent incidents.

CPT’s expertise in integrated movement plans gives us a specific skill set to assist in Incident Investigations.

Almost every incident is the result of a combination of causes. When we determine the causes of an incident, we can take steps to control or eliminate the causes, so that we can prevent similar incidents.

Information on events before, during, and after the incident must be collected. The facts and events that precede an incident explain why and how the incident happened.

The Investigative process will include surveying the scene for

  • Weather (conditions, temperature, visibility)
  • Surroundings (marks on the roadway, anything out of the ordinary)
  • Site of the Incident (conditions, debris)
  • Equipment (equipment malfunction, or structural damage; location of vehicles; damage; safety devices)

Completion of interviews

Information gathering will include interviews and statements.

Incidents can be caused by environmental factors, or by poor communication between parties, a lack of understanding of the concepts involved in the transport of oversized loads, and also could be caused by a lack of  Heavy Transport and Lift engineering experience of those involved.